ZŠ ostredkova Ihrisko

ZŠ Ostredkova telocvičňa

ZŠ ostredkova

ZŠ ostredkova2

Ostredkova Primary School, Bratislava, Ružinov

Place of realization:Bratislava, Ružinov district, Slovakia

8 2022

End of implementation: 7 2023

Type of construction: ground construction

Activity: Construction of a 2-storey primary school and gymnasium

Client: DÚHA, a.s., Pribinova 4195/ 25, Bratislava

Investor: Municipal district Bratislava Ružinov

Construction manager: Mr. Peter Bukoveczký, Ing. Miroslav Olejník

Description of activity: The constructed pavilion of the primary school with a gymnasium is a 2-storey building with a flat roof with the function of education and training. In the school pavilion there are 9 new classes and specialized classrooms, 4 classrooms, 2 cloakrooms and 6 social facilities, boiler room, janitor’s room. In the pavilion of the gymnasium with a stage there are facilities (Visitors’ room, Technical rooms, changing rooms and sanitary facilities). The construction of the new pavilion ensured an increase in the capacity of the original school by 150 – 218 pupils. The innovative structure of the school building is a lightweight steel structure that is bent into a “C” shape and assembled into wall and ceiling sections. The heavy steel structure of the gymnasium is infilled with panels of light steel construction in the walls and ceiling. The walls are provided with thermal insulation and the exterior is OSB with a contact insulation system. On the inside there are plasterboards. There’s a green roof on the whole building. There are cooling ceilings in the school, which are also used for heating. Central heating is provided by 5 heat pumps, one of which provides cooling. There are local heat recovery units in the classrooms. In the gymnasium there is an HVAC system with a large heat recovery unit located on the roof. The building is innovative in design, new technologies used, functionality, innovation, quality, energy efficiency and environmental benefits. Uranpres provided the works for the construction of the shell building.