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Interconnecting VTL pipeline DN1000, Poland-Slovakia, part LČ2

Place of realization: Veľké Kapušany, Vojany, Drahňov, Budkovce, Sliepkovce, Pozdišovce, Šamudovce, Nacina Ves, Oreské, Chlmec, Michalovce

Start of implementation: 7/2019

End of implementation: 9/2022

Type of construction: engineering line pipeline construction

Activity: Construction of a gas pipeline with a total length of 52.5 km

Client: DUHA Association, a.s and Impresa di Consruzioni Ing. E.Mantovani, S.p.A

Investor: eustream, a.s., Votrubova 11/A, 821 09 Bratislava

Construction manager: Ing. Slavomír Kristan, Ing. Ján Jacko

Description of the activity: The construction of a high-pressure interconnecting pipeline between the Republic of Poland and the Slovak Republic, which connected the national transmission systems of both countries and is remotely monitored and controlled from the Technical Gas Dispatching Centre. The PROJECT is an international energy infrastructure project to integrate European natural gas markets and diversify natural gas sources and is of common interest to the European Commission. This part of the PROJECT represents the construction of a new DN100 interconnection pipeline from the existing Compressor Station in Veľké Kapušany to the Polish border in the north of eastern Slovakia (Lupkovský pass). On the Slovak part, the PROJECT consists of the construction of the high pressure pipeline called LČ1 (including the route closure TU44 in the cadastres of the municipalities of Hankovce and the HPS border transfer station in the cadastre of the municipality of Výrava) and LČ2 by the contractor DÚHA, a.s. (including two route closures TU42 Šamudovce, TU43 Chlmec, connection to KS01 – compressor station, extension of the KS01 Veľké Kapušany).  Uranpres, s.r.o. carried out earthworks, unloading and transportation of pipelines, installation of loading Big-Bags, pumping water from the excavated trench for the pipeline, underfilling, backfilling and backfilling of the pipeline, dykes for securing the pipeline in the hills.

The pipeline achieves the following parameters:

– NG transport capacity in the SK-PL direction: 6.128 billion litres. Nm3/year

– Capacity of transport of LNG in the direction PL-SK: 5,052 billion Nm3/year. Nm3/year

– Pipeline diameter DN 1000

– Maximum operating pressure: 7,35 MPa (KS01 – HPS Výrava)