MŠ Kutuzovova 2

MŠ Kutuzovova

Pinacle konštrukcia MŠ Kutuzovova

Kindergarten Kutuzovova, Bratislava

Place of realization.

Start of implementation: 10/2023

End of implementation: 3/2023

Type of construction: ground construction

Activity: Construction of a 2-storey kindergarten

Client: DÚHA, a.s., Pribinova 4195/ 25, Bratislava

Investor: Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic

Construction manager: Mr. Peter Bukoveczký, Ing. Mr. Miroslav Olejník

Description of activity:

The basic characteristic of the building is the construction of a new kindergarten in the city of Bratislava, Nové Mesto district for children from 3 to 6 years. It is a pre-school facility in which a total of 3 classrooms with facilities for children i.e. washrooms and changing rooms, 1 isolation room (toilet, shower), food dispensing room with facilities for kitchen staff, facilities for school staff (changing rooms, toilet, shower), headmistress office and technical room, exterior storage for toys and toilet accessible from the exterior and space for the cleaner on the 1st floor and 2nd floor – economat. The capacity of the kindergarten will be 60 children from 3 to 6 years i.e. in one classroom (playroom) 20 children. Innovative is the load-bearing structure of the school building made of light steel structure, which is bent into a “C” shape and assembled into wall and ceiling parts. Uranpres provided the works for the construction of the shell building.