betonáž električkových dosiek 5 2024


Odstavná hala pre električky koľajové dosky

Odstavná hala pre električky

Odstavná hala SO34-03 pre električky

Modernisation of the maintenance base of DPB, a.s., Krasňany depot

Depot Krasňany Halls SO 34-03 and SO 34-05

Place of realization.

Start of implementation: 10/2023

End of implementation: 10/2024

Construction type: engineering and industrial halls


Contractor: DUHA, a.s, Pribinova 4195/ 25, 811 09 Bratislava

Client: Uranpres, s.r.o., Čapajevova 29, 080 01 Prešov

Main Customer: Strabag – pozemné staviteľstvo, s.r.o., Mlynské Nivy 61/A, 820 05 Bratislava

Investor DPB, a.s., Olejkárska 1, 814 52 Bratislava

Ing. Ing. Zalmai Masodi



The subject of the construction solution is the modernisation of the existing Krasňany depot. The modernisation of the maintenance base will increase the reliability and attractiveness of the vehicle fleet of the Bratislava Transport Company.

In the Krasňany depot, a comprehensive reconstruction of the maintenance halls for trams and electric buses is proposed, as well as the reconstruction and extension of the covered parking track. In both halls, the building envelopes, reinforced concrete columns, roofs, interiors, technological equipment, gates, floor and track slabs, floors and inspection ducts will be reconstructed to accommodate the maintenance of low-floor trams. The present construction requires the construction of new foundations, new steel roof structure with green roof, sandwich panel cladding, improvement of the thermal properties of transparent and non-transparent envelope structures, implementation of part of the health, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, replacement of entrance gates, implementation of new flooring, implementation of new work pits, demolition of the building, plastering and painting of the interior, implementation of the underpass from the courtyard area.