Tunel Višnové – ZP Višnové

Tunel višnové – ZP Otvorenie portálu

Tunel Višnové – VP Dubná Sklala

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Implementation of the primary and secondary lining of the Višňové tunnel


Place of realization: Žilina, Slovak Republic

Start of implementation: 04/2015

End of implementation: 03/2020

Type of construction: civil engineering, transport, tunnel

Activity: Stamping of the drainage tunnel and tunnel and secondary lining of the tunnel

Client: Association “SALINI IMPREGILO – DÚHA”

Investor: National Motorway Company, a.s.

Ing. Jozef Valko, Ing. Igor Jurík

Description of activity. Execution of stamping of the geological task. Realization of tunnel punching by NRTM and ADECO-RS method. Performance of stamping, concrete works. Work on reprofiling of the primary lining. project management.